We are developing novel micro-and macroscale reactors 

Micro/Macro-scale Hydrodynamic Cavitation

The phenomena of formation, growth and subsequent collapse of micro/nano bubbles occurring in an extremely short time interval of time releasing a large amount of energy (causing catastrophic damage). Hydrodynamic cavitation is generated by the reduction in static pressure of the fluid under a critical value.

Pressure reduction is achieved by a sudden change in the area of a microchannel by placing a micro-orifice in the flow field, accordingly, millions of cavities are generated.


The main approach is to utilize a huge amount of energy generated during the cavitating bubble collapse. Extraordinary conditions are generated at the location of the bubble collapse with the temperature exceeding 15000 K and pressure well over 1000 bar. These extraordinary conditions allow us to assume each cavitation bubble as a micro/nano chemical reactor which leads to the chemical and mechanical transformations in liquid states and could be considered a source of energy to enhance a wide range of physical and chemical processes.


CAViTreat team develops the hydrodynamic cavitation reactor technology to implement the bubble energy in different industrial and research areas.